Cryptocurrency donations will receive 20% more Moon Cash

How do I donate via Cryptocurrency ?

Create a crypto account (Example: Binance)

  • You can use any Cryptocurrency account from anywhere in the world. Does not have to be Binance

Depending on the Cryptowallet you are going to use. Send money by using following wallet Ids;

  • Bitcoin: REMOVED

  • USDT (Trx troj trc 20): TL7bQfvoaFAFr5K4ydfsDUKUJFqxeL9Ks

  • BUSD (Smartchain/bep20): 0x8e72b633b4f3382a1abafa2cd10858314e221c9c

  • BNB (Smartchain/bep20): 0x8e72b633b4f3382a1abafa2cd10858314e221c9c

Send the amount you want

Once you are done with payment check here

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